The Importance Of Hydrating Your Skin

How often do you hear that drinking lots of water is essential for your overall health? Probably all the time. But, do you know how important hydration is for your complexion as well? No matter what your skin type is, the importance of hydrated skin cannot be understated and we’re going to explain why.

What Causes Dry Skin?

Although some individuals naturally have a dry skin type, there are other factors that contribute to a dry complexion as well. These factors include a change in season, environmental irritants, not drinking enough water, or even using harmful or moisture-stripping products on your face. Additionally, as you grow older, your skin slows the production of many beneficial substances that naturally help to keep your face hydrated. Ceramides make up the skin’s natural moisture barrier, as we age and are exposed to water and sunlight, the ceramides decrease and the skin starts to show signs of dryness and ultimately wrinkles. This is why as time goes on, it becomes more and more important to make sure you’re treating your skin with an extra dose of hydration.

Why should you care about hydration?

From a basic cosmetic standpoint, a hydrated complexion looks more plump, healthy and youthful looking. Having an adequately hydrated face will help to improve skin elasticity which will reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Additionally, hydrated skin also helps to combat oiliness. Dehydrated skin produces more oil because it is compensating for a lack of moisture. Often to combat the oil, individuals believe that the best course of action is to try to dry out the skin (by using harsh drying agents and cleansers on their face), which is a common misconception. This often results in a long term problematic cycle that could have been easily treated.

Dehydrated skin is also less resilient to environmental irritants. When your skin is fully hydrated, it is able to fight and flush out toxins more effectively because your cells are getting the maximum amount of hydration that they need to function at their best.  

What Can You Do?

First and foremost, drinking an adequate amount of water each and every day is the first step towards maintaining a hydrated and soft complexion. Experts say that you should be drinking at least eight glasses, or two litres of water per day. However, even if you are drinking lots of water every day, your skin still needs an additional boost of moisture. Mainly this involves using really effective skincare products in your daily routine such as our Complete Skincare System.

Altilis Beauty Products

First our InflorEssence Facial Cleanser will help to remove impurities and bacteria from your face which is essential to maintain a clear complexion. However, it is the second and third step of our Complete Skincare System that is packed with moisturizing goodness! By applying our InflorEssence Serum and InflorEssence Moisturizer every morning and night, your skin will get that extra hydration that its craving. Our InflorEssence Serum acts as a base that will help with better absorption of the active ingredients in the moisturizer. Water soluble actives in moisturizers have a hard time penetrating through the cellular membrane. However, when you apply the moisturizer on top of an oil (a serum), the actives in the moisturizer will absorb better and lock in moisture. Also, for those days when you’re in need of a serious extra dose of hydration, apply a hydrating face mask!

So now that you know the importance of hydrating your skin, we hope that you’ll  take these pointers and apply them to your daily routine! You can try our complete skincare system via the Trial Sets.