Where We Source Our Ingredients

Quality products, science and sustainability are at the core of our values at Altilis Beauty.  We are very conscious of our responsibility of using safe and sustainable ingredients in every bottle. This is why we pay careful attention to where and how we get our ingredients. We wanted to partner with suppliers that are also socially and environmentally conscious companies that deliver a product of high standard. We want to share with you the sources of where we get our raw materials to increase our transparency with our Altilis Beauty Community.

1. Soponaria officinalis Soapwort Extract Washington, USA

Soapwort has been traditionally used as a cleanser for sensitive skin, due to the natural saponin content in soapwort hot water infusions. Saponins are triterpene hydrocarbons, that are produced by plants for all kinds of reasons from UV-protection to defense against microbes and insects. Saponins give the hot water infusion the "sudsy" effect and is the reason it cleanses the skin so well. Our soapwort is prepared in a cold process to protect the effectiveness of the extract, from organically grown, pesticide-free plants. 

2. Centella Asiatica (Gotu Kola) Extract Washington, USA

Gotu Kola is a tropical ground cover with exceptional astringent, regenerative and skin healing properties. It has been proven to stimulate collagen growth and scavenge harmful free radicals. This extract is produced via a cold system from organically grown and pesticide-free plants. 

3. Aleurite moluccanus (kukui) nut oil Massachusetts, USA

Our Kukui nut oil is cold-pressed from the nuts of the Kukui Tree (Candlenut Tree). Kukui nut oil has been used for thousands of years by aboriginal peoples of the Pacific Islands to treat skin ailments including psoriasis, eczema and sun damage.   We source our KuiKui nut oil a fair trade organic supplier, a company that shares our values.

4. Acemannan (Aloe vera Leaf Polysaccharide) Costa Rica

Most of you have probably heard of the benefits of Aloe vera for scrapes, burns and cuts as a way to protect and heal. This is because aloe is excellent for promoting healthy cell turnover and in skincare that means reducing fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. 

We source our Aloe from Naturaloe Costa Rica, “…devoted to providing health and wellness products of the utmost quality, integrity, consistency and value using state-of-the-art technologies in doing so, improving the quality of life of our customers, collaborators, suppliers and communities which we serve in.” 

5. Cyclopia genistoides (honeybush) Extract South Africa

Sourced directly from an organic farm in the Cape Winelands of South Africa, organic Honeybush extract is excellent for problematic skin, by improving skin texture and smoothness.

Parceval, our Honeybush Extract suppliers’ vision…  “Striving with all our might with healing substances for the wellbeing and advancement of our fellow human beings and the world around us.”

6. Breadfruit Infloressence Samoa

All Altilis Beauty products are made with unique and powerful skin rejuvenating phytochemicals extracted from breadfruit (Artocarpus altilis) flowers. Breadfruit’s unique fatty acid profile replenishes the skin’s natural lipid barrier, resulting in a glowing complexion. Terpenes (components of essential oils) and flavonoids offer antioxidant and UVB protective properties which protect the skin from sun and environmental damage. 

We source breadfruit flowers directly from microfarmers in Samoa, where breadfruit grows in abundance.  Breadfruit trees benefit families and communities with sustainable food security and conservation of traditional knowledge.  The novel use of breadfruit in cosmetics adds another way for these communities to provide income generation opportunities and encourages replanting of the trees. 

7. Hemp Seed Oil Washington, USA

Hemp Seed Oil is a great emollient which has amazing skin conditioning qualities and a great acne combatant. This allows the ingredients to work in conjunction for effective use of product and results. Our hemp seed oil is sustainably sourced, and cold pressed from organic hemp seeds. 


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