How Altilis Beauty Started

The Breadfruit Discovery

In 2017, Altilis Beauty discovered the skin care benefits of the breadfruit male inflorescences. From it, we developed an extract and isolated the compound responsible for bioactivity. We then structurally characterized it as a bioflavonoid with higher antioxidant activity than vitamin E and vitamin C.

By harnessing the powers of the active compounds from breadfruit flowers, we have formulated a line of skincare products that include a cleanser, serum, moisturizer, body butter and gel mask.

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Our Values

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Innovation & Sustainability

The cosmetics industry is heavily saturated with products containing raw and botanical materials that are sourced unsustainably. Altilis Beauty® is actively seeking renewable and holistically sourced material for sustainability.

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Adulteration of botanical materials is a large issue in the cosmetics industry. We are proud of our process and want to share every aspect along the way from sourcing our plant materials from farmers, making our own raw materials from renewable sources, and production in a certified facility in Toronto, ON.

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We do not believe in using plants for solely marketing purposes. We use proper amounts of active ingredients for ultimate skin health and aging prevention. Active ingredients are used at their most effective concentrations to achieve maximum skin benefits, while still being gentle and mild on sensitive skin.

A Brief History Of Breadfruit - Altilis Beauty

A Brief History Of Breadfruit

Origin: New Guinea

Cultivated for over 3,000 years and spread throughout the Pacific, it was first discovered by Europeans in the 1500s. In 1700s, over a thousand breadfruit trees were transported on a voyage from Tahiti to the Caribbean. Packed with nutrients, breadfruit was well-loved because of its bread-like taste when roasted. This began the introduction of Breadfruit to the West Indies. Remarkably, you can find the original trees that were planted in Jamaica over 200 years ago still produce fruit to this day.

Atlilis is the species name of breadfruit, a staple food crop in tropical islands and the key active ingredient in all Altilis Beauty® products.